We all have been told to eat slowly since our childhood. Now, as adults we rarely get time to have proper breakfast or lunch, so we end up eating quickly. We know this is not the right way of doing, but does Eating Quickly have any serious side-effects on our body?

Eating Quickly has side effects

Health Risks Of Eating Your Food Too Quickly

Are you among those who get their breakfast done in 5 minutes!? Then you will be surprised to know, that people who eat at this speed are probably going to develop a metabolic syndrome. This will develop serious body conditions like the obesity, diabetes, and an increase of triglycerides inside the body. It was based on the information brief submitted by the American Heart Association’s Session 2017.

While the Hiroshima University conducted a test among men and women and found that people who eat fast are likely to build a metabolic syndrome. While the chances are almost 11% higher with the people who eat their food quickly. Making the term a bit easier to understand for you guys, it is a medical condition which puts your heart in danger, and can even develop diabetes in your body.

One study carried out in China has shown some surprising effects of eating slowly among the people. The more you chew the food, the less calorie gets inside your body. A 10% calorie reduction was seen with those people who chewed their food 40 times compared to the usual 15 times. This is again another proof of how your body could be affected by Quick Eating.

Why should I eat slow?

benefit of eating slowlyWell, we already explained the possible issues that can be caused by quick eating. Another benefit of eating slowly is to just have the best eating experience in all. I, myself enjoy eating the food slowly. This is not something which I started recently, but it has been my habit since childhood. You could feel all the flavors in a better way, and in the end, you are appreciating and showing your utmost respect for the food.

Also, by chewing the food you are using up more saliva to mix the food nicely. This helps with better digestion, and you will have a happy tummy all the time. Now you know the reason of having an upset stomach these days?

Still a lot more research has to be done on this field for testing the intensity and the impact level on a wider audience. Though all the studies carried out have proven one thing – one should Eat the food slowly, no matter what.

I understand the busy work life, you may end up having your food quickly. If you do this once a week, then it’s fine. Still, you should always be slow with the food and enjoy it thoroughly. I know it will be difficult in the initial days, but try doing it and you will know the difference by yourself.

There may be many of you who didn’t know anything like this before. Isn’t it? Share it with your friends and family. Let the information reach more people, for a healthy and smooth living!

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